How To Get Blue Steel In The Survival Game

Blue Steel


Blue Steel, In Ark Survival Evolved, Blue Steel represents an advanced tier of crafting materials used for high-level equipment and structures. Obtaining Blue Steel requires navigating through several gameplay steps, including resource gathering, crafting progression, and possibly engaging in challenging encounters.

Blue Steel

Understanding Blue Steel

Blue Steel is a refined metal alloy in Ark Survival Evolved, known for its durability and suitability for crafting advanced items. It surpasses primitive metal in both strength and versatility, making it a sought-after resource among survivors.

Steps To Obtain Blue Steel

1. Resource Gathering

Obtaining Blue Steel begins with gathering the necessary raw materials:

  • Metal Ingots: Primary component derived from smelting metal ores like Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal.
  • Polymer: Essential for advanced crafting, often obtained from creatures like Kairuku and Karkinos or crafted from Organic Polymer.
  • Element: A highly advanced resource, usually acquired from defeating bosses or harvesting certain nodes in Tek regions.

2. Crafting Blue Steel

Once you have gathered the required resources:

  • Fabricator Or Tek Replicator: Utilize these crafting stations to combine Metal Ingots, Polymer, and possibly Element to create Blue Steel.
  • Blueprints And Engrams: Ensure you have learned the necessary engrams or acquired blueprints to craft items requiring Blue Steel.

3. Advanced Crafting And Structures

It is crucial for crafting various advanced items and structures:

  • Weapons And Armor: Craft powerful weapons and durable armor sets using the Game for enhanced performance in combat.
  • Structures: Build fortified bases and advanced technology structures using Blue Steel for improved defensive capabilities.

4. Challenges And Strategies

Navigating through the challenges of acquiring Blue Steel involves:

  • Exploration And Combat: Engage in exploration to find high-yield resource nodes and face formidable opponents for valuable drops.
  • Efficiency In Resource Gathering: Optimize resource gathering techniques to accumulate the required materials efficiently.
  • Teamwork And Trading: Collaborate with other players or tribes to streamline the acquisition process through trading or cooperative resource gathering efforts.

Detailed Steps To Obtain Blue Steel

1. Resource Gathering

Metal Ingots

  • Sources: Metal nodes scattered throughout the map yield Metal Ingots when harvested with tools like a Pick or Ankylosaurus.
  • Efficiency Tip: Use a high-quality metal tool or creature with harvesting bonuses (e.g., Ankylosaurus) to maximize yield per node.


  • Sources: Kairuku And Penguins: Harvest organic polymer from these creatures found in cold regions.
  • Efficiency Tip: Utilize an appropriate harvesting tool or creature to gather large quantities efficiently, minimizing the need for repeated trips.
  • Organic Polymer: Crafted from Organic Polymer obtained by harvesting Kairuku and other suitable creatures with a Pick or Ankylosaurus.


  • Sources: Boss Creatures: Defeating bosses in the game can yield Element as a reward.
  • Efficiency Tip: Plan and coordinate boss battles or explore Tek-themed areas where Element nodes are more prevalent to gather Element efficiently.
  • Element Nodes: Found in certain regions, these nodes provide Element when harvested.

2. Crafting Blue Steel

Crafting Stations

  • Fabricator: Basic crafting station used for mid-tier crafting, including Blue Steel items.
  • Tek Replicator: Advanced crafting station required for high-tier items and structures involving Blue Steel.
  • Efficiency Tip: Place crafting stations strategically in your base for easy access and efficient crafting workflow.

Blueprints And Engrams

  • Learning: Invest Engram points into Blue Steel-related engrams as you level up or acquire blueprints from loot drops and supply crates.
  • Quality: Higher-quality blueprints reduce resource costs and crafting time, optimizing the use of gathered materials.
  • Efficiency Tip: Prioritize learning or acquiring blueprints for essential Blue Steel items to streamline your crafting goals.
Blue Steel

3. Advanced Crafting And Structures

Weapons And Armor

  • Types: Craft advanced firearms, melee weapons, and armor sets using Blue Steel for increased durability and effectiveness in combat.
  • Benefits: Improved damage output, durability, and sometimes special effects such as reduced weight or increased resistance to environmental hazards.
  • Efficiency Tip: Focus initial crafting efforts on weapons and armor that provide significant combat advantages, enhancing your survivability.


  • Types: Build reinforced bases, advanced technology structures, and crafting stations using Blue Steel for enhanced structural integrity and defensive capabilities.
  • Benefits: Increased resistance to attacks from creatures and players, ensuring the security of your resources and inhabitants.
  • Efficiency Tip: Plan base layouts and construction projects in advance to optimize resource use and maximize defensive advantages.

4. Challenges And Strategies

Exploration And Combat

  • Regions: Explore diverse biomes and regions to find optimal resource nodes and encounter creatures that drop valuable materials like Polymer and Element.
  • Tactics: Develop combat strategies tailored to different opponents, utilizing terrain advantages and creature weaknesses to secure necessary resources.
  • Efficiency Tip: Establish scouting routes and expedition plans to systematically explore the map, prioritizing resource-rich areas and potential boss spawn locations.

Teamwork And Trading

  • Alliances: Form alliances with other tribes to coordinate resource gathering efforts and share access to specialized crafting stations like the Tek Replicator.
  • Trade: Exchange surplus resources or crafted items with other players or tribes to acquire rare materials like Element or high-quality Blue Steel blueprints.
  • Efficiency Tip: Maintain positive relationships with neighboring tribes to facilitate peaceful resource sharing and trading opportunities, enhancing overall progression efficiency.

Advanced Strategies And Considerations For Obtaining Blue Steel

1. Resource Gathering Strategies

Metal Ingots

  • Optimal Harvesting: Use creatures like Ankylosaurus or tools with metal harvesting bonuses to maximize Metal Ingot yield per node.
  • Mining Locations: Identify and mark metal-rich locations on your map for efficient resource gathering runs.
  • Industrial Grinder: Convert unwanted metal items into Metal Ingots using an Industrial Grinder for additional resource efficiency.


  • Efficient Harvesting: Set up a dedicated polymer harvesting operation in cold regions where Kairuku and other suitable creatures spawn.
  • Organic Polymer Preservation: Use preserving bins or refrigerators to extend the shelf life of harvested Organic Polymer.
  • Crafting Efficiency: Allocate crafting stations near polymer sources to minimize travel time and maximize harvesting efficiency.


  • Boss Battles: Plan and prepare for boss encounters to earn substantial amounts of Element as a reward.
  • Element Nodes: Explore Tek-themed areas or maps with Element-rich nodes to gather this essential resource.
  • Resource Nodes Management: Utilize resource maps or community guides to locate and efficiently harvest Element nodes.

2. Crafting And Utilizing Blue Steel

Crafting Efficiency

  • Batch Crafting: Plan batch crafting sessions to produce large quantities of Blue Steel items efficiently.
  • Blueprint Optimization: Prioritize learning or trading for high-quality Blue Steel blueprints to reduce crafting costs and time.
  • Tek Replicator Utilization: Centralize crafting operations around a Tek Replicator for advanced Blue Steel items to streamline production.

Item And Structure Prioritization

  • Strategic Choices: Invest initial Blue Steel resources into crafting weapons and armor that provide significant combat advantages or structures that enhance base security.
  • Evolving Needs: Adapt crafting priorities based on evolving gameplay needs, such as advancing in boss fights or fortifying against raiding parties.

3. Community And Trading Dynamics

Tribe Collaboration

  • Resource Sharing: Establish cooperative agreements with neighboring tribes for mutual resource sharing, including Blue Steel components.
  • Crafting Specialization: Coordinate with allied tribes to specialize in specific crafting disciplines, optimizing resource management and production efficiency.
  • Conflict Resolution: Maintain diplomatic relations to minimize conflicts over shared resources and ensure sustainable cooperation.

Economic Strategies

  • Trading Hubs: Identify and participate in trading hubs or markets where surplus Blue Steel items or resources can be exchanged for needed materials.
  • Currency Systems: Utilize in-game currencies or bartering systems to facilitate trades for rare or hard-to-obtain Blue Steel components.
  • Market Analysis: Monitor market trends and adjust trading strategies based on fluctuating supply and demand dynamics within the player community.
Blue Steel


Obtaining Blue Steel in Ark Survival Evolved is a rewarding yet challenging endeavor, requiring a strategic approach to resource gathering, crafting progression, and potentially facing off against formidable opponents. Mastery of these steps not only enhances your survivability but also opens up possibilities for advanced gameplay and progression within the game.