“I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so, it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes.” ― Charles Swindoll

We know that stress is a killer if it is chronic and especially if we don’t find a healthy way to deal with it. What rang true to Dr. Lester during the time of a breakup of an 18-year-old dental practice was that she wanted something different for her new practice. She wants to help her patients restore their wellness, physically, emotionally, spiritually as well as help them restore their smiles.

Dr. Lester and her team empower the patient’s confidence, destress the fear, all the while providing spa-like comfort.  Inspired to give more to her patients and community, the Perio Health Partners put a plan into action. The Wellness Series.

On June 11th, 40 patients, team members and friends of Perio Health Partners gathered to hear Yoga & Wellness Instructor, Bani Aello enlighten us on the role that our “minds” play in our health and wellness.

Bani opened with some reflective questions:

  • Can the way we think and use our minds influence our physical body?
  • Can it affect our level of anxiety, stress or depression?
  • Can we use our minds to actually prevent illness and heal disease?

To answer these questions, attendees were challenged to change perceptions:

  • Acknowledging we can do better with our health
  • You are not a victim of your genetics. Your mind plays a huge role in the overall state of your health.
  • Addressing old thinking patterns like worry

Bani gave us an example of “worrying”.  She asked, “How many people think “worrying” means you care so much? And the more you “worry”… the more you care?”.  Many hands raised, along with some warm laughter.

“This is an old thinking pattern that is actually toxic to our bodies.  We are stewards of our body, so let’s take care of it!  We are the creators of our own wellness or sickness.

Bani’s Tips for mindfulness and good health:

  1. Be a watcher of your thoughts.
  2. Update your mind with a new belief system if it does not serve you
  3. Level up your self-care
  4. Learn healthy ways to cope with stress
  5. Look for the good in things
  6. Gratitude journal- write 10 things you’re grateful for
  7. Spend time in nature
  8. Take up a hobby
  9. Positive visualization
  10. Meditation

Bani led the group through several guided mediations illustrating the beneficial effects in the simplicity of paying attention to our breaths.  You could feel the energy in the room change as everyone became more centered and calmer.

What are your take aways? 

What tips will you put into action? How can you start to live a healthier life? We hope this summary helps in your wellness journey. We are looking forward to our next Wellness presentation and hope to see you there in September.

Some attendees disclosed their experience after the Wellness event:

“My takeaway was that I am encouraged to make new healthy habits.” – Doug

“It’s so important to take time every day even if it’s just a few minutes to focus and relax for my health.”
  – Kathy



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