We are always excited to keep you up to date with the newest trends and techniques in the dental industry. Here are highlights from Dr. Lester’s trip to Chicago for the 2019 Annual American Academy of Periodontology Meeting.


Dr. Lester enjoys annual meetings and conferences because she attends state of the art presentations and finds new inspiration for her office.  She also visits with former co-residents former and current students from the Eastman Institute of Oral Health and has the opportunity to meet new people. 


At the opening session Dr. Lester heard Jack Cochran, MD, a health care innovator, author, and dedicated philanthropist as he shared his insights on health care and leadership. He inspired and encouraged periodontists in the audience to embrace new challenges in effective patient treatment. Dr. Lester was happy to hear a speaker address the need for periodontists to be part of the healing process and how they can affect a healthy change in the patient-doctor relationship.


According to Dr. Cochran there are 5 qualities necessary for an effective Doctor-Patient relationship. These are the same qualities that my team and I work to perfect in our interactions with patients.
  1. Integrity
  2. Professional respect
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Humility
  5. Effective communication
“Medicine and dentistry are important healing professions to care for patients in their moments of vulnerability, fear, and uncertainty. All specialties are dealing with increasing complexity of information, technology, and therapeutics to keep current and competent.” Dr. Jack Cochran
New technologies:
“I was able to spend 2 days in lectures and an entire day in the exhibition hall. There are so many exciting things to mention however I will discuss the 3 that I feel will positively impact patient treatment in my office.” – Dr. Lester
1.Digital technology: smile in a box (complete digital planning and execution of dental implant surgical placement and restoration) providing immediate results for patients requiring replacement of non-restorable teeth. This means less time in the chair for the patient and better outcomes.
2. New implant systems: Zimmer implants give me new ways to optimize patient smiles and overall health with the highest quality dental implants. 
3. New bone and soft tissue grafting solutions: Fibroguide from Geistlich allow Dr. Lester and her team to provide a better esthetic result without aggressive surgery.
Final thoughts:
There are many periodontists to choose from in the Rochester area so I recommend vetting them to determine if they are providing updated and research-driven care.  Continuing education is absolutely essential to providing the best and latest treatment options for our patients.
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